#Video 3 : Adam ruins everything

Hello, today, I am presenting to you, something a bit special, not a single video, but an entire show ! I’m speaking of… well you guessed it, as it’s literally written in the title : Adam Ruins Everything.

The purpose of this show is to eradicate our misconceptions in many domains : Nutrition, Science, History, Politics… Because in our worlds, misconceptions are everywhere : Does vitamins cure common cold ? Does IQ test define our intelligence ? Was Copernicus hated by the church ? Let’s find out all of that in 3 extracts of the show.

Are vitamins good for health ?

We’ve always had that reflex of drinking orange juice to cure common cold or flu because it contains vitamin C. Or buying products with more vitamins in it, or even tablets of vitamins supplements in order to improve our health. But are vitamins really that good for our health ?

Does the IQ test really allows testing intelligence ?

We see the IQ test as the measurement to test intelligence. But are they relevant ?

The « War » of the church against Copernicus

For more context, at the time of Copernicus, inside Christianity itself, two movements where opposing themselves : Catholics (those who follow the pope) and Protestants (those who are against him).

And, yes, all what we consider as facts are not always the case, and that fascinating show, commit itself to restore the truth on various subjects. And adding to the fact that this show explains everything very simply and is hilarious, it is really addictive, and I strongly advise you to watch more of this show.

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